About PDF Hosting with FlippingBook

While PDF is the most popular format for sharing documents on the web, it’s annoyingly hard to deliver as it is often too big to send via email and has to be downloaded. FlippingBook fixes this issue by providing easy and secure online .

All you need to do is to upload your PDF file to FlippingBook, and in a couple of minutes you will get a direct link to your document. That’s it—now you can share it via email, website, messengers, or a website with a click. Need to update something? No more re-sending anything, just update your PDF without breaking the original link.

For sensitive documents, FlippingBook offers several levels of content protection. Disable sharing, copying, and downloading. Set up a password or share the PDF as a protected embed on your website to control who accesses your content and what they can do with it.

What’s better, FlippingBook turns your PDF into a professional-looking digital document with comfortable navigation, great readability, and custom design.